The Adventures of a Numinous Gypsy

Hi I’m Saskia

I’m a numinous gypsy who took a leap of faith and started traveling the world

Numinous – [ noo-muh-nuh s, nyoo– ]


* Evoking a sense of the mystical, sublime, or transcendent; awe-inspiring.

* To feel both in awe and fearful of what lies ahead

This year I decided to start the adventure of a lifetime. I applied as Junior Assistant Cruise Director for Princess Cruises and two months later I’m on a flight to San Francisco to board my first cruise ship… The Grand Princess.

I have never really traveled before, my longest flight being one from OR Tambo, Johannesburg to Windhoek, let alone gone over seas to work on a floating hotel/city.

Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to travel. To spread my wings and fly. But traveling can become very expensive and therefore the opportunity never rose. So the dream stayed a pipe dream and life went on.

But now my dreams have finally taken shape and I hope to help and inspire future travelers and aspiring crew members to take that leap of faith and to forse their dreams into reality.

This blog is for the gypsies at heart, the ones who find home in moments and not places. It is for the vagabonds and day dreamers, the artists and hippies. But mostly this blog is for people who stand at the start of something new with a Numinous feeling in their veins, to reassure you that what ever comes next will be exactly what needs to happen.


Saskia Pocock is a classically trained actress, obtaining her ATCL in both Performance Arts and Musical Theatre, with distinction, through Gemma Donnelly at Stageworx School of Performing Arts. She has been involved with the school for many years training in the arts of singing, dancing, acting, presenting, writing, and special effects makeup. Her career started … Continue reading Home